Samuel Lampa

Samuel Lampa BILS expert

data management, software development

Samuel's work at BILS is focused on infrastructure development projects within large scale storage and computation, including technologies like iRODS, workflow tools and user interfaces.

Samuel is in parallel pursuing a PhD at Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University, where he is researching tools and infrastructure for automating large scale computation workloads and data handling within Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics.

Previus to his current work, Samuel has worked as a sysadmin and developer at the UPPMAX high performance computing center in Uppsala, supporting users, developing scripts for large scale data transfers, implementing an iRODS installation and developing graphical user interfaces, among many other things.

Selected publications

Lampa, S., Dahlö, M., Olason, P. I., Hagberg, J., and Spjuth, O. (2013) Lessons learned from implementing a national infrastructure in Sweden for storage and analysis of next-generation sequencing data. GigaScience, 2, 9.

Willighagen, E. L., Alvarsson, J., Andersson, A., Eklund, M., Lampa, S., Lapins, M., Spjuth, O., and Wikberg, J. E. S. (2011) Linking the Resource Description Framework to cheminformatics and proteochemometrics. Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 2, S6.