Olga Dethlefsen

Olga Dethlefsen BILS expert

RNAseq, gene expression

+46 (0)720 492 082

Olga has a background in technical physics and biomedical engineering with a PhD in bioinformatics from the University of Birmingham, UK. She is interested in applying bioinformatics, computational, mathematical, statistical, and omics methods to address clinical and biological questions.

Olga has worked on a series of project, both within translational and methods development research. As a PhD student, she worked with mass-spectrometry based metabolomics data to optimize handling of missing data in the data processing pipeline, as well as to investigate biochemical processes in the liver grafts during the process of human liver transplantation. As a medical statistician at the University of Oxford, she was involved in the methodological studies in radiology, and during her post-doctoral experience at Karolinska Institutet, she was investigating gene expression and regulation of insulin resistance among obese, pre-diabetic patients using Cap Analysis of Gene Expression data. In addition, she was developing bioinformatics methods to identify novel driver genes in lung cancer by integrating genomics, transcriptomics and protein-protein interactions data as well as developing mathematical model of human cholesterol circulatory transport.

At BILS Olga will provide bioinformatics support for next generation sequencing projects focused on RNA-seq.