Moritz Buck

Moritz Buck BILS expert

metagenomics, transcriptomics
+46 (0) 18 471 6448

Moritz will primarily give support for the analysis of environmental metagenomic data of all sorts, however his expertise is wide spread including agent-base simulation, array transcriptomics, and diverse modelling and analysis techniques.

Moritz studied Bioinformatics and modelling at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA, Lyon, France). He holds a PhD in computer sciences from University of Hertfordshire (UK), where he modelled evolution of cooperation using multi-agent systems. His first postdoc was in a medical-systems biology group at University of Freiburg, where he analysed a large variety of data from mouse and cell-culture models.

Selected publications

Boerries, M., Grahammer, F., Eiselein, S., Buck, M., Meyer, C., Goedel, M., Bechtel, W., Zschiedrich, S., Pfeifer, D., Laloe, D., Arrondel, C., Goncalves, S., Kruger, M., Harvey, S. J., Busch, H., Dengjel, J., and Huber, T. B. (2013) Molecular fingerprinting of the podocyte reveals novel gene and protein regulatory networks. Kidney Int, 83, 1052–1064.

Buck, M. and Nehaniv, C. L. (2008) Communication and complexity in a GRN-based multicellular system for graph colouring . Biosystems , 94, 28–33.

Buck, M. and Nehaniv, C. L. (2009) Looking For Evidence Of Differentiation And Cooperation: Natural Measures For The Study Of Evolution Of Multicellularity. Advances in Complex Systems (ACS), 12, 255–271.

Buck, M., Saltukoglu, D., Boerries, M., Simons, M., and Busch, H. (2013) A distributed stochastic perception-action loop model of cell motility. Artificial Life (ALIFE), 2013 IEEE Symposium on, 5–12.