Jonas Hagberg

Jonas Hagberg BILS expert

systems development, development coordinator
+46 (0)706683869

After Jonas received his MSc in bioinformatics at Uppsala University, he worked as a research assistent at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Molecular Evolution at the University. Between 2007 and 2011 Jonas held a position as a system expert at UPPMAX super computing centre, with focus on large scale storage, bioinformatics and NGS. He was the project manager at the start up of UPPNEX. Jonas developed the first iRODS system at UPPNEX and is also the developer of the portal for the National Genomics Infrastructure.

Selected publications

Webster, M. T. and Hagberg, J. (2007) Is There Evidence for Convergent Evolution Around Human Microsatellites? Mol Biol Evol, msm051.