Henrik Lantz

Henrik Lantz BILS expert

genomics, transcriptomics, NGS coordinator

+46 (0)18-4714230

Henrik has a background in biology with a PhD in Systematic Biology from Uppsala University where he focused on phylogenetic patterns of flowering plants. Following this he did a post doc financed by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative on plant-associated ascomycetes. This led to working as a bioinformatician at SLU, Uppsala, working with genome assembly and annotation of fungal and algal genomes, as well as continued phylogenetic analyses. Currently he is working with the annotation of several eukaryotic genomes in the group of Manfred Grabherr at Uppsala University and is in particular interested in merging and reconciling annotations based on different sources of data and/or different methods.

Henrik can support genomic and transcriptomic projects with assembly and annotation, and is also able to aid in the planning of similar projects, for example with choosing the right type of sequence data for the project.