Carina Sihlbom

Carina Sihlbom BILS expert

+46 (0)31 7869790

My scientific interest and expertise is based on high-performance mass spectrometry methods for proteomics and discovery based knowledge of the relation between biology and diseases. My experience includes protein characterization, separation and identification of biomarkers, analysis of protein glycosylations, phosphorylations and MS-based quantitative proteomics.

After spending two years in an NIH mass spectrometry facility at UCSF, I have been working at the Proteomics Core Facility (PCF) at Gothenburg University since 2009 and heading the group from 2012, providing open access to researchers from Sweden and abroad. The PCF is equipped with Qexactive and Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid MS instrumentation. The diversity of proteomic projects at the core facility has over the years generated a comprehensive knowledge in proteomics with method application, development and biological mass spectrometry as well as a variety of bioinformtics needed in the data analysis and interpretation.