Andreas Kähäri

Andreas Kähäri BILS expert

systems development

I work at BILS in Uppsala as a system developer.

After studying numerical analysis and high performance computing at Uppsala university in the 1990s, I moved into the field of software development for life sciences by working as a research fellow and bioinformatics support technician for AgResearch in New Zealand.

In 2003 I moved to EMBL-EBI outside Cambridge in the UK to help implement and deploy distributed annotation servers (DAS) within the national e-Protein network and the European BioSapiens network of excellence. I was also part of the Ensembl software team and developed and maintained the Ensembl infrastructure, i.e. the API and SQL schema, as well as BioMart.

Before coming back to Uppsala in 2014, I worked in the Ensembl gene annotation team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute for two years, mainly focusing on various aspect of the Ensembl automatic gene annotation pipeline.