BILS support

BILS offers bioinformatics support on short- as well as long-term basis. From 1 April 2016 the amount of free support is limited to 8 hours. Additional support can be provided on a subsidised self-cost basis. From Apr 1st 2016, our rate is SEK800/h. Ideally we aim at having BILS functions well correlated with user needs, but we realise that there will be bottlenecks from time to time.

For short questions and advice, we recommend using the site if possible. All questions posed there will be read by bioinformaticians at BILS as well as at WABI and UPPNEX. Furthermore, having the Q&A in a public forum reduces duplication of efforts.

Requesting BILS support

Please use our support form to apply for BILS support. When you have submitted your request, our coordinators will try to match your needs with available competence. We are currently (Jan 27 2016) in the process of streamlining this procedure, please allow for up to three weeks before you are contacted. We kindly ask for your understanding.

As several of the BILS experts have been recruited from other countries, it is most convenient for us if you write in english.

Once your support request has been granted, a BILS representative will contact you with further information. You are of course also welcome to contact any of the BILS staff directly if you have any questions, or visit one of our bioinformatics drop-in sessions.

Note that it is also possible to receive free long-term support in the form of an embedded postdoc via the WABI plattform at SciLifeLab. More information on how to apply at the WABI page.

Prioritization Principles

For cases when BILS need to prioritize requests, the following prioritization principles have been decided by the BILS board:

  • All users should get a basic fair amount of support. BILS staff has a national responsibility and should serve the users’ needs regardless of their affiliation. Thus, BILS staff is expected to work to a large extent outside their home department.

  • Additional time can be allotted by the user paying a subsidised amount, as decided by the board. General infrastructure development in BILS is not subject for payment by single groups.

  • Co-funding universities should receive support roughly but not necessary exactly corresponding to their contributions.

  • Projects that have been prioritised by related VR-supported infrastructures, e.g. NGI (National Genomics Infrastructure, previously SNISS), should receive support from BILS.

  • Projects which are judged excellent by VR or our external prioritisation committee are prioritised.

  • Projects where the BILS staff has appropriate competence are prioritised.

  • Projects where the BILS efforts make a large impact are prioritised.

BILS acknowledgements in publications

BILS staff are encouraged to be co-authors when this is merited in accordance to the ethical recommendations for authorship, cf. e.g. the ICMJE recommendations.

In other cases, BILS would be grateful if support by us is acknowledged in publications according to this example: "Support by BILS (Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences) is gratefully acknowledged."