Changes in BILS support

From 1 Jan 2016, the amount of free support has decreased to 40 hours per PI and year, and from 1 April 2016, this amount will be lowered even further to 8 hours per PI and year, due to decreased funding from the Swedish Research Council and in line with the directives from the Research Council and the universities. The amount of free time is related to the dates the support is provided. Thus, for support provided until 31 Dec 2015, the number of free hours per PI and 12-month period was 80; for support provided between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 March 2016, the number of free hours per PI and 12-month period is 40; and for support provided from 1 April 2016 and onwards, the number of free hours is 8 per PI and year.

We are aware of that this might cause problems for our users, since the conditions are changed during a support case. However, the new economical landscape affects us from 2016, and we cannot comply with old conditions when the old funding levels do not longer exist. We apologise for the trouble this might cause, but still hope that you will find the BILS/NBIS support valuable for your research. We emphasise that those users who already have a signed support contract (form 301 or 302) will receive the amount of support ordered to the price that was agreed upon.