Call for WABI long-term support now open

One of the national services offered by SciLifeLab) is long-term bioinformatics support in next generation sequencing and related omics (a.k.a Wallenberg Advanced Bioinformatics Infrastructure). The idea is simple: A senior bioinformatician will work in your project 500 hours for free!

To get support, you need to submit a small application about your project. The "Application form" and complete "Application information" is available for download here. Projects are selected mainly based on their scientific level, and the deadline for the next round of applications to be reviewed by the national evaluation committee is FRIDAY OCT 30, 2015 (24:00).

Applications are welcome for projects

  • anywhere in Sweden
  • any type of NGS application (also in combination with other data types)
  • any bioinformatics skills

The decision on what projects get support in this call will be taken in November/December. Typically, about 5-10 projects are granted support in each application round. For further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Bioinformatics Long-term Support directly at