Open position: Bioinformatician, genome assembly, Uppsala University

BILS is now starting a genome assembly group at Uppsala University in the creative environment of the SciLifeLab Uppsala node “The Hub” and closely related to the already running BILS annotation platform. This group will work in close collaboration with Swedish research groups embarking on genome projects to aid them with de novo assembly of genomes, including validation of assemblies and other related aspects.

For this new assembly group we are now looking for an expert(s) with both a strong expertise in the area of genome assembly as well as an eagerness to be a part of the development of a new and internationally competitive infrastructure. The expert(s) will work in close collaboration with the other members of the assembly team to help Swedish genome assembly projects with anything from providing guidance in the setup and running of assembly projects to completely running the genome assembly. Any type of read data from a wide array of organisms can be expected. The position is technical in nature, with a need to set up standard pipelines for quality control, assembly, and assembly validation, and a strong knowledge in scripting and automation of procedures in a Linux environment is a must for a successful applicant.

Deadline for applications: August 11, 2014. More information and instructions how to apply here.